They Locked My Phone, and WONT Unlock it!

  • 16 July 2020
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I purchased an unlocked Samsung Note 9 in December 2019.  I used my Cricket sim card and continued service with them.   However, their coverage strength diminished at my office to the point that I could not call, text, receive texts or voicemails at my work place.   I tried to switch over to Verizon, only to find that Cricket locked my UNLOCKED phone.   They said their policy, like other cell providers, requires 6 months paid service before unlocking the phone.   WHAT?!   WHAT RIGHT DID THEY HAVE TO LOCK AN UNLOCKED PHONE I BROUGHT TO A MONTH TO MONTH PLAN?  They would not budge.  That was in January, one month into use of the new phone.  Now it's July.   Their sixth month period of required paid service has passed.  THEY STILL WILL NOT UNLOCK THE PHONE!!!!!   TERRIBLE!!!!   WHAT KIND OF "SERVICE" IS THIS?    I will scream from the rooftops for people not to use Cricket.  Petty.  Petty.  Petty.   Petty. 


1 reply

Hi buddy, the best way out of this is to create a support ticket.



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