Try and Try Again

  • 27 August 2019
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I have tried to communicate with Cricket Customer Service for the last 2 weeks about a dozen times.  I wanted to upgrade from an LG with a new Samsung phone and purchased a phone that was available only online.  I waited 10 days and received nothing in the mail.  I never got a refund either.  I did get a credit for the upgrade fee but not the fee for the phone or the taxes. When I called 1-800-274-2538 to find out what happened, I had several agents hang up and others who were plain rude.  One agent mentioned that the phone was shipped to the wrong address and then the order was canceled. I never got a notification. I was told that I should go to a Cricket store but the deal was only available online so that made no sense.  Then I was given no choice but to reorder and repay it again and I did.  The rates for Cricket are very competitive otherwise, I would have switched. Even after the second order, the communication provided is just lacking or awful.  I wanted to see if the rudeness was a pattern.  Sadly, all but one of the agents were rude.  They kept talking and telling me irrelevant information and asking me to wait and either put me on hold and never come back or just hung up.  This is no way to do business.  I finally spoke with a rep who identified himself as Peter R. and he listened and behaved like he will take care of it and I should have a tracking number for the order by this evening, Eastern time.  I have been their customer since 2015 and the lack of appreciation is alarming.

2 replies

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@TinaS We apologize for any inconvenience that you have received with the online order. Please message us on our Facebook or Twitter page for further assistance. Please make sure to private message us with the order number as well. Thank you for posting on our community forum.

A week ago, I was promised a refund for Order # 139865840. I never received it.  Yesterday, I received an email from what was labeled as an invalid email address and thus indicated "do not reply"  stating that my Order # 140026370 was delayed because of a shipping issue.  It was a vague reason because the message did not explain the origin of the issue, when it will be resolved and when i can receive my phone.  If I do not receive a tracking number and/or a refund for my expenses so far, I will file a formal complaint with my credit card companies and get in touch with BBB.  My requests have fallen on deaf ears.