Unable to unlock phone or have my tel # released from Cricket to AT&T

  • 27 October 2022
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Ive been a Cricket customer since 2011, my phone’s paid off, & my account’s current.

My new employer wants me on their AT&T business plan, & Ive been trying to unlock my phone from Cricket to AT&T for 3 weeks. When I go into the MyCricket app & click “Unlock Now”, I’m get an error code; “The server replied with a Registered Response with error code: 2”. Ive tried factory resetting my phone, Ive been to 2 different Cricket stores, Ive opened (4) case files, been to the AT&T store 4X, and spent over 14 hours either on the phone with 611, or on Cricket’s chat feature, & this is still not resolved.

So, in frustration I bought a new phone & was told that AT&T can just port my # from Cricket to AT&T. This isn't working either, & now I'm in a constant loop of AT&T saying its an issue with Cricket not releasing my telephone #, while Cricket says its AT&T incorrectly entering in my Cricket account #, so they cancel the port request. (I confirmed they're entering the correct account # the 3X Ive now tried porting it). The case #’s Cricket opens for me, I'm told I’ll be contacted by Cricket Tech support, I'm not, and when I call/chat Cricket after 24 hours, I’m told they tried contacting me, I didnt answer, so they closed the case file… this has happened 4X now, & Ive NEVER gotten a call, text, or call from Cricket. Today, the Mgr at the AT&T store said it probably wont get resolved, and I’ll have to consider giving up my tel # (that Ive had for 12 years). I'm beyond PO’ed & frustrated with the absolute lack of getting ANY help resolving this. I cannot be the 1st person whose ever wanted to port their # from Cricket (an AT&T company!) to AT&T, and find it ridiculous that (while Id appreciate any help from this community), that these large multinationals have their customers rely on their own Users to figure problems like this out. If any one here is from Cricket, my latest case # is; C-163TFJ, opened this morning, but will probably be closed (without my consent or being resolved), & the reason will be; “Attempted to contact customer, no reply. Closing case.” by this afternoon.

If this doesn't work, I'm going to the FCC.


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@BillyM_Cricket I’m certain I'm using all the correct #’s (PIN, account #, etc.), & both Cricket & AT&T agree; there should be no reason for this transfer to not complete, but here we are 4 days shy of 1 month, and nothing has been resolved & I'm no closer to resolution than I was when I started. Ive uninstalled & reinstalled the MyCricket app multiple times (Running version: 2.9.18), & phone is up to date, & no matter what, this is what I get:

The biggest issue I'm having is with Cricket’s (non-existent) Tech Support. As I said, Ive now opened 4 trouble-tickets (cases) for this same issue. Each time I'm assured they have my #, & I'm told “don't worry”, “rest assured”, “we’ll make you smile”, etc., etc., then I don't hear anything for 24 hours, I log in & go to the Chat Rep, ask them to look into the status of the case, only to be told they closed it & the notes say; “Attempted to contact customer, no reply. Closing case.” - again, this has now happened 3X, I opened another one this morning (case #: C-163TFJ), & just got off the Chat with 1st Logan, then Jessica, then Lily, & while I was happy to see it hadn't been closed, I was told the notes said; “Attempted to contact customer, no reply.”, thankfully I caught it before they closed it again, but despite giving them 2 phone numbers (including the one that’s on/near me 24/7, & a landline #, & 2 email addresses, I have received NOTHING from Cricket tech support, no missed calls, nada, yet they keep saying; “they attempted, but I didn't reply” - I’m at my wits end with this!

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@jdussich We’re sorry you’re having these issues. In regards to your number transfer as long as the account is active and your are using the correct account number, pin, billing name, and zip there would be no reason for the transfer not to complete. Please keep in mind your account number is not your phone number. For your unlock issue please make sure you are running MyCricket app version 2.9.19 and also make sure your phone software is up to date. If you’re still needing help you can reach out to us by sending a PM to @CricketSupport or by sending us a message via Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport).