Unauthorized pluto tv app downloaded to my phone

  • 20 November 2019
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I noticed today that my phone has am app downloaded that I never authorized: Pluto TV. Google has a thread about this and the majority of the people from 2 days ago are customers with the same complaint. Why is this app able to do this Cricket without my permission but with your company's on my behalf?

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4 replies

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Unless people have a very minimal amount of data or it harmed their phone in some way, people seem to be making too big of a deal about this. I've been with Verizon and they've done it. Even Tracfone has installed garbage apps on my device in the past.

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Its in the contract that you signed when you came to Cricket. Every phone company has the same clause. I receive new apps on my iphone too. Just delete it if you dont want it. No harm no foul. 

Since when does Cricket have permission to download an app on my device without permission and without prior notice?
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Cricket loaded Viacom‘s Pluto TV app on Cricket devices so customers have a streaming option on their device at no additional cost.  If you find that it does not meet your needs, you can remove the app from your device at any time.