Upgrade question - How much memory does the phone come with

  • 20 August 2018
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I was thinking about upgrading my phone to one that has more internal memory since between Android 6.0 (two versions behind) with all its junk apps and all the junk apps that Samsung put on the phone take nearly all of the internal memory of the current phone I own leaving me less than 1GB for apps I would like to have on the phone,


Well, in any case, I was thinking about upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 3. On the specifications page for the phone it states "Up to 16 GB internal storage". Does that mean it comes with 16Gb of memory (minus that used by Android and Samsung) or that somewhere one has to specify how much memory one wants when ordering.

Thanks for any response. :-)




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Hi, thank you for contacting Cricket! The device will come with 16gbs but keep in mind that it will have some prefabricated apps that will take from the storage.Any software updates or added apps will take away from the 16gbs of storage.

Thanks for the information. Exactly what I needed.