What Is This Number In Call Forwarding Settings?

  • 1 November 2023
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I see at least one other has had a similar problem and this is my question, which does not need a "walk-through" reply, telling me how to remove a number that is in my settings…

... what is the default number for cricket, for forwarding calls to voicemail... if I need that to be set. I have this number on my settings and I did not program that number in. I also do not click on messages or answer calls from people I don't know, so I've no idea how I could have been hacked and this number is listed as being a known high risk number, and those people also did not put that number in their settings. The only other way this number could have made it into my settings is if Cricket software/returns department put it there. 

I would think Cricket would be able to find out who owns that number and give me the information if it is offensive/risk. I would be willing to file charges seeing as how I'm fed up with the Vultures/California Condors and their antics, if Cricket themselves cannot do so... but I am just thinking it is a default number for forwarding calls to voicemail... but don't understand why a Georgia based company would use a Texas based number. 




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Furthermore, I have found at the bottom of my Google search results, my location showing record of Texas, Colorado and other states…

... all of which I have never been to and certainly didn't board a supersonic plane to try and outrun the internet.

My location is off, so other than conspiracy-related tinfoil beanie topics, "presidential alerts" and other valid replies, me thinks if I hit a dead spot and I get pinged, some i||eg@| !mm@gr@nt can ride my telephone line with their free cell phone, cause we don't have enough cell numbers for everyone; So this number is the cartel's gate to hijacking cell towers.