Why Cricket doesn't fix the visual voicemail for android in Samsung?

  • 10 June 2022
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Hi Guys I been apple user and my visual voicemail worked very well but I wanted to switch to Samsung 4 months ago and now I found this problem in android. So I did every thing to clear cache, clear storage cache, reset password, change password etc etc and my S22 Ultra factory unlocked from I bought with Samsung Manufacturer and the Vs Voicemail doesn’t work in any visual voicemail app, indeed the cricket app nether. So I called to customer service and they everything and nothing, Guys guys stop the excuses and make update to your network to any android phones factory unlocked that don't say "cricket on the back" can work fine with visual voicemail, because is suppose we paying for that and is the phone is factory unlocked is suppose to work everything on any Samsung. How is possible any Samsung with the Cricket logo in the back works well and the others doesn’t?? I know you have a apn personal secret setting for that and I pay my monthly bill and I request full service with you. So I hope you answer and fix the problem because is not fair. Thanks

1 reply

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No is soo annoying and frustating. Cricket has to make something bc us pay for that service