Wi Fi calling on unlocked phones

  • 10 April 2019
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Will you be able to use the wi fi calling feature on a Samsung unlocked Galaxy 8+ G955U or  a Galaxy Note 8 or 9? I have gotten different answers from everybody I have talked to at Cricket. I had bought a LG V30+ unlocked and it wouldn't work at all with Cricket and had to send it back. If they won't allow you to use this feature on unlocked phones, then I will need to look for another carrier, because I need it for where I live. The Moto E5 is to small of storage and doesn't work right at all!!



4 replies

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Sorry, but any phone that is unlocked or been unlocked from any carrier the wifi calling will not work

So the only phones that wi fi calling work on are the ones Cricket sells?

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That's correct, I had a at&t s8 plus that I had unlocked and the wifi calling feature would no longer work. It actually was no longer in my settings.
I guess it's good bye Cricket than, because this Moto 5 sucks! No gb and I'm not going to be black mailed into one of their expensive phones. Their customer service sucks both in store and on the phone in South America. They have no idea what they're selling and they lie about their services!