wifi connection in hotels/restaurants doesn't work !!!


when I'm in a hotel or a restaurant, I can't get connect to the wifi because I can't get the page with the login! The wifi seems to connect but as the login page is not displayed it won't work. It's very annoying now. My phone is a galaxy j2 pure. I can't uncheck the box to turn-off the wifi manager.

Thanks for your help

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Hi HelenaK2019, I'm a hostel owner and I used to have the same problem, turns out my Wifi repeater was not powerfull enough so all the rooms in the third floor weren't recieving signal for the login, I needed to re-design the kitchen to solve the problem. Luckily I hired a good a reliable system to improve the use of the space, any hotel or hostal owner should check their site at https://kitchensearch.com/