10 person Text Recipient Limit

I'm disappointed that Cricket only allows a MAXIMUM of 10 people to send a group text to.  I know other carriers are not limited like this.  I have at times the need to send out a group text to 18 people.  This 10 person limit is just an arbitrary limit set by Cricket.  If other carriers aren't limited I'm sure technically Cricket could expand the number of recipients.

This is just my feedback.  I'm sure there are other people that would appreciate this 10 person cap being expanded.


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Thanks for your feedback @Wangofree. We're always looking for ways to improve.

I appreciate that you're looking for ways to improve service and the customer experience.  Raising the cap on group text limits would be one way to do that.  :smileyhappy:

Agreed. I also would like to see this cap increased.

I agree we should be allow to have more.  I would say we should be able to text at least 20 maybe 40.  An amount higher than that would allow spam.  I am still receiving unwanted text messages from people I do not know, what service are they using?

I don't think AT&T (cricket) really care about the 10 cap limit on text recipients.  Just getting it up to 15 people would help me tremendously.

Is anyone out there?  I sent a letter to Cricket's corporate office about 8 weeks ago and never got a response.

I think Cricket should plainly state on their website that by signing up, you're getting a 10 cap limit on text recipients.  I would bounce in a heartbeat, but I've got people on my plan that lock me in.

Maybe this is a "first world" problem, but jeesh Cricket, why not become the Best Cellular Provider?

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@Wangofree I'm sure it is probably something they'll have in the future. They have started rolling out RCS support which should allow for more than 10 recipients. I know it sounds like a simple fix but having worked in telecom I know that implementing something like this is a long process. Things with higher priority are likely taking pushing it down the list. It's not just a matter of flipping a switch. They have recently come out with Wi-Fi calling, HD voice, and other features that used to be asked for all the time. I think patience will pay off in the end!

Need step by step instructions on maximum 10 recipients on
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@Martha0322 Hello, and thank you for posting on the Community Forum! You would just need to enter your contact names/numbers, and separate them with a semi-colon (;). 

The semicolon doesn't work as I am just trying to reply...there is no way to insert the semicolon.

That does not work if you are just replying...

Here's a complaint on AT&T 4 years ago about the 10 cap limit on texting:

"Sep 14 2015 8:20 PM

When is AT&T going to fix the problem of having a limit of only being able to send a group text to 10 recipients? No other carrier has a limit on the amount of recipients that can be sent a group text except AT&T. When are they going to fix this huge problem that they constantly seem to ignore and not give a real answer too?"

I think AT&T stands for "All talk and talk".  - No action.  I would love it if ALL AT&T/Cricket customers just stopped paying their bill, or better yet, just dropped them all at once.  I'm sure they would bend over backwards to meet customers' demands.

Weird formatting on above response!  Sorry.

why am I limited to only text to 10 recipients and no more