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  • 22 October 2020
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I purchased a Samsung Gaxaly A51 5G from my local Cricket store in Hutchinson, KS.

I know I don’t live in the 5G service area, however, I went to the Wichita KS area which is showing to be a 5G low band area on the coverage map. While I was in the area, my service Icon never changed off of LTE, I was expecting maybe to see a 5GE or even 5G.

So my question is do I need a sim card, or a different APN setting other than what was on the phone when it was pulled out of the box.

7 replies

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5G service is not available everywhere. See https://www.cricketwireless.com/map.html for our 5G coverage.❤

Yes, I well aware of that, I was in 5G area bases on the map.

So back to my original question is do I need a different sim card, or a different APN setting other than what was on the phone when it was pulled out of the box.

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Even in the town I live in and even the town where I work the map shows 5g coverage, but its spotty. Parts of either town I will have 5g and parts ill have 4g lte. As for the sim card if you bought the phone from cricket you will have the right sim card provided. If you're still using the old sim card it would hurt to have the new sim card activated. Hope this info helps

@Spudman9510 Actually, it does, I purchased the phone from the local Cricket Store in my area, and as I stated I live in a 4G/LTE area only, and from time to time I travel to a nearby 5G (subband 6) city.


As I recalled, when the LTE service came online you had to have the LTE card, hence my question. I realize that 5G service is new, so I kind of felt that perhaps the 5G map coverage was being a little overzealous on coverage. I was also looking to see if the 5GE icon would pop up, it did not.


 The original question was more to confirm that I have everything in place, and the 5G (subband 6) service just needs to build out more, just for the record, I was seeing download speeds of an average 91, with a speed bursts at 150.


Thank you for the reply, have a great day!

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Just to confirm, you need to make sure of two things:

-You are covered (you were)

-You have the Unlimited More plan of $60. 

If you don't have the Unlimited more plan, 5G will not work. You don't need a new SIM, or different APN setting.


 Thank you for the confirmation!!