5G Service for my iPhone

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Got My iPhone 12 Saturday and Added My SIM Card But Only Having LTE. How Do I Get 5G On It?


Best answer by jdor_Cricket 1 June 2022, 00:47

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Hi @JoseM2 !


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Cricket (Community) Forum! Please know that to get access to 5G, you would need to be in an area that has 5G coverage, with an eligible 5G rate plan and compatible phone (like the iPhone 12). You can check if you have 5G in your area by visiting the link provided. 😎

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@jdor_Cricket Well, where I live has 5G And 4G LTE Coverage and I have a 2-line unlimited data and voice plan, but I think my SIM Card doesn't have 5G Service added, so it might need to be configured to get 5G on my phone.


Did you get this resolved? I updated from a grandfathered plan to the cricket core unlimited with 5G and I am still on LTE. My husband is on the same account, did the update at the same time, and he was able to get in 5G.