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  • 25 July 2018
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I have a niece who has struggled financially and I would like to pay for her and her 3 kids phone and service for a year. They currently have ATT which just got shut off do to lack of payment. My question is what would be best. Keep my phone as a single line and open a new account in her name with 3 phones or add her 3 phones to my account?


Any suggestions


Todd O

3 replies

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This all depends on the situation. If the account is suspended we will not be able to transfer the numbers if they still want to keep them. As for the lines added to your account or separate that depends on your preference. Please reach out to link below so that we can ask more questions regarding your account.Thank you!

I want to upgrade my current LG phone to an I Phone and notice that it says there will be a $25 fee to upgrade. Is that a onetime fee or is that per month?


Also I would like to add 3 new phones for my niece and pay for them. Would it be best to add them to my service or open a separate account with the new phones?


Todd O


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Hi Todd, Cricket here! Thank you for reaching out to our forum. We would be glad to assist you. Can you please reach out to us on the link below: