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  • 27 January 2019
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I am wanting to add personal ringtones and assign to some of my contacts. I have used a ringtone app and have downloaded a few. I go to a contact and click on the option to 'Set ringtone' which takes me to the availble ringtones that came with the phone. The last option in this list is "+ Add ringtone". I click on it and it opens the folder where I stored my downloaded ringtones. I click on the ringtone I want to add which closes the folder and takes me back to the list of available ringtones but the one I selected is not added to the list.


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6 replies

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Thank you for your comment.  You will need to go back into the app where the ringtone was downloaded from and make sure it is downloaded and transferred properly.

If your using the app that I think you are, depending on what phone you have and the memory left can impact it.  If it's android, visit androidcentral and there is a ringtone subforum that can answer or has answered your question previously.

It's hard to find a free ringtone on a cell phone.


First you need to visit some free ringtones download websites


It may be due to ringtone file name error. Please try again with another application or website


It's hard to find a free ringtone on a cell phone.

Currently, there are many websites that provide ringtones for phones that you can refer to such as Funnyrintone, Zedge, Mobile24h.