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  • 20 January 2019
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I absolutely need wifi calling, since cell phone reception is dreadful where I live (1 bar.) Lots of missed calls going straight to voice mail. Is there an Android phone (not iOS) that has reliable wifi calling on Cricket? I don't care about fancy features like camera, stylus etc. Just need reliable wifi calling.

P.S. I have seen the official list of Cricket phones that support wifi calling. I'm looking for feedback from customers who actually use wifi calling on their phone and are happy with it. TIA!

6 replies

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Hey there @mangatha

You can check out our full list of WiFi calling compatible phones here:


Canned response from customer service aside, are there any real users out there who can chime in? I was thinking of getting the Moto e5 Supra. Read the reviews, there's mixed reviews on wifi calling.


I have an LG X Charge and have no problems with the wi-fi calling working on my phone. I use it because I live in a rural area in south-central Pa that is very hilly - I get no bars for the cell network inside my house unless I'm near a window or door (and I mean right next to it) and when I do get reception, which is intermittent at best, there is no guarantee that the signal will last. Apparently, the terrain is the issue here because if I drive down the road my cell network signal blinks in and out until I am on the main local highway then I don't seem to have any issues. My only complaint is that the call quality via wi-fi calling, despite the internet access is not always stellar, it's serviceable but beyond that is no guarantee.

I hope this helps you a bit. Please don't hesitate to message me if you need any more clarification on my experience with this option. 

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I have a Samsung s9, and have never had an issue with the wifi calling. It stays on most of the time where I live and work. The only issue I have with the the phone is I never get the security updates or the new android pie update yet

Bought a cricket branded Motorola stylus 2021 from Walmart. It is not listed on cricket site as having wifi calling.  Review on Walmart site says it does.  Can anyone confirm? Thank you