Apple eSim Support for Dual number on th same phone

  • 8 November 2020
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AT&T owns cricket so why does cricket lag behind AT&T in service offerings.   We've been asking for e-sim support for three plus years.   I don’t understand why cricket is unable to add this feature so iWatch and Apple Dual Number (eSIM) are not offered.   I could even understand if there was a $10 extra change to support but the technology is not difficult.   It's amazon all the other prepaid providers (Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon and AT&T) offer the esim support.   

I get it takes time but it appears this is strategy to move customer to AT&T, but what it does is force customer to move to T-Mobile for esim technology.   T-Mobile offers 4 lines for $100 with esim support. 

Cricket, please listen to your customers and solve this issue or we will be faced to move to a different provider.


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6 replies

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I'm hoping all the Cricket customers who want this support flood the cricket forums, facebook and other social media with  request for this support.   The only way to get what the users need is to complain becuase ssimply expressing the needs doesnlt seem to work. 

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Please also reach out to all the review web sites to bring visibility to this misssing feature.

  3. bestreviews,org
  14. many others.......

Cricket never responds with facts or timeline, just vague responses.    If its a lack of development skills, then please outsource to a new technology  development team.    It's not due to covid since this has been requestd for several years.


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I just confirmed I can setup an esim number with T-mobile on the same phone I have cricket to test  out their service or put two numbers on the same phone.   If cricket doesnt solve this soon, I know which oath I'm taking if T-Mobiles network is as good as Cricket.   I can also add my iwatch as a prepaid account on their network, but not Cricket.

I hate posting informaiton like this but I've been asking for this support years with no success.  It's time to test my options. The one good thing about esim is yoou can setup a temprary number oon the service you want to test and if it passes then switch. 

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I suspect e-sim support will be coming soon, From what I have been reading the 14 Pro max will not have a physical sim slot, Just two e sims, so either Cricket finds a way to support e sims, or they lock themselves out of next years i phone.


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