Apple Watch cellular connectivity?

  • 19 September 2018
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Does anyone know if Cricket plans to add support for Apple Watch cellular connectivity any time soon? 

27 replies


It seems Cricket doesnt have the right improvement range of abilities to add the iWatch include. The parent organization AT&T needs to sep in and help like the manner in which AT&T settled DirectV Now issues.

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common’ Cricket!!! You’re owned by AT&T and AT&T can add Apple Watches to cellular plans. It’s been years now. It’s time or I think it’s time we find another provider that’s more up-to-date with current technology. 


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Don;t hold your breath waiting for Cricket to add e-sim su;pport.   It's a cheap cellular option but you're not likely to see the dual number/esim or esim watch support in our lifetime.    You have to go to T-Mobile or another carrier for cellular watch or two numbers on the same iphone. 

Sorry......   I gave up on this company  adding any enhancements beyond talk, text, and data..   It's the china bus of cellular companies.   It gets you  talk, text  and data on most days,   but dont expect the fancy stuff.

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So her is sit, It's almost 2021, The I Phone 12 is out, The Pro max will be released this week, The watch series 6 is out, I have been watching this site for over a year awaiting an Update or any information on e-sim, I am ready to buy a apple watch, Just don't know what to buy, To get the stainless steal in the color I want, I have to Buy the cell Model, around $700 the only Plus is a cell feature I cannot use, the cosmetic features I want, plus the Better glass screen. The Aluminium model is about half the price will not have the durability, and is Bluetooth/wifi, so it will Never have cell capability. I do NOT want to buy something this year, and some time next year Cricket add the capability, But I also do not want to buy something with this feature, if Cricket is Never going to support it, Can you at least tell is if you have any plan, if anyone is working on it, any information of 5G would be nice too,

Sign the petition everyone! I guess I’m shopping for new service. Never dreamed they didn’t support Apple Watch. This is 2020 right. Come on Cricket. You’re dropping the ball!

I have started a petition in so cricket can support apple watch connectivity! You should all sign it!

After seeing all the messages, it is sad to see that cricket has not been able to solve this issue, nor have the decency to address our concerns and reply to us with updates. Please cricket, it has been a long time customers have asked for this. SUPPORT APPLE WATCH CONNECTIVITY!

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Apple has nothing to do with this issue.  Its a cellular carrier issue, not Apple.  Cricket needs to add the functionality.   Cricket also needs to add dual sim support.  Cricket sells the Apple VS and XS Max  but lacks the dual number feature.

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It appears Cricket doesnt have the correct development skill set to add the iWatch feature.  The parent company AT&T needs to sep in and help similar to the way AT&T resolved DirectV Now issues.

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Why not support iwatch 4?   Why is C ricket behind supporting esim so I can have two numbers on the same phone.  You have great service but this isnt rocket science to add this functionality.

Hoping that Cricket supports the Apple Watch soon. We have loved the Cricket service but have just gotten the watch. Having to look now at changing providers if things don’t change soon .


Thank you for the suggestion to contact Apple to make allow prepaid plans to support Apple Watch.

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Please, Cricket! We need you to support cellular connectivity for Apple Watch! When is this going to happen? If you do not have plans for this we will need to switch carriers soon so we can get this capability!
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Cricket... come on!! Get with the program, please! You NEED to update to support cellular connectivity on Apple Watch! You will be losing customers if not!
Update please Cricket! Is this coming anytime soon?? Switched from Sprint to you guys and just found out I can not get an Apple Watch! So disappointing. You guys should let apple users know that upfront!

We would very much appreciate the addition of LTE connectivity for the Apple Watch on Cricket Wireless. Just as others have mentioned we have been exploring other mobile communications providers and are also seriously considering switching to gain Apple Watch full connectivity for our five family member group. The Big Four or soon Big Three are offering some very attractive plans. I would not take much for Cricket to "turn on" LTE for Apple Watches.

Just adding my voice to those asking for this.  My wife and I just switched from AT&T, and the only hard part has been giving up my apple watch cell plan.  From what I'm seeing, the watch doesn't work with ANY prepaid plan regardless of company, so this may be something that requires some changes on their side.  So going here: and filling out the form saying "Let apple watch work with prepaid plans" might be useful.

Cricket is owned by AT&T and presumably shares AT&T’s network with all its capabilities. If they’re not offering Apple Watch support, it’s an intentional business decision to motivate higher-end/Apple Watch users to pay for the premium AT&T service.
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I was sitting here getting ready to switch our families 4 lines (plus an Apple Watch) to Cricket. I then had the realization that we had service for the watch, and googled to check that there would be coverage on Cricket....seeing that this is not supported immediately stopped our transfer to Cricket. I would put this as a high priority for Cricket to work on!


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It's good to see others wants this too. My understanding is that supporting esim cards (like those on the Apple watch) requires carriers to perform some network upgrades. It would be very helpful to know if Cricket is working on this, or if there's nothing in the pipeline at this time. I'm trying to decide whether to buy the LTE version of the watch, and knowing this would be helpful. 

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Hi, I have been holding off on the purchase of Apple watch 4 cellular version only since cricket doesn't support it. It would be so convenient to have cellular connection on the watch, so I don't have to lug around my phone everywhere.  We, the cricket customers atleast deserve an answer about cricket's plans on Apple watch, like this year or next year or not in the near future. Few of my friends don't want to switch to cricket only due to this, even though they are paying higher at other major carrier. 

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I have 5 lines with Cricket and I am now considering moving to another carrier even if it means paying more money because they don’t offer cellular for the Apple Watch. Smh... this really upsets me because I did like their service. I guess I’ll make sure I tell all my friends that we’re gonna switch to Cricket to make sure they don’t.
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Same here! I got the apple watch series 4 with cellular version and hope cricket will have this option soon before I switch all my 5 lines to tmobile... c'mon cricket!! Please!!!

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Same here. It's pretty frustrating that it's not available outside the four major carriers.

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Thanks for the reply! Do you know if this is something that Cricket has on their radar? It's something I've been waiting for since 2017 when the Series 3 was released. I love Cricket and don't want to leave, but I've been checking out other carrier plans lately because of this.