barely any reception - please help

  • 30 May 2018
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My data signal is a max of 2 lines and i live in maravilla in alameda ave how can i solve it

4 replies

Call them and bug them. 800-274-2538  I have been calling them for the past five days bkz I have had no bars for 5 days. They told me yesterday that a tower was being repaired, but that it was now serviceable. Today, with still no bars, no calls getting through and no calls outbound, they tell me the tower broke again. I live in Philadelphia....big city. Why the problems? I told them I will probably switch to Sprint if they can't resolve this. Once resolved, if ever, they told me they will issue some sort of credit. Yeah, why am I paying for no service and no reception? 

Hope your problem resolves. If not, switch companies. Find out what your friends are using. They even had me buy a new SIM card. That was supposed to fix it. Not.  

And.....when I called, they reset my phone 3 X to no avail. I wonder if they know what they are doing......

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First thing to do is to run a check by measuring your phone's signal strength in decibels. I've discussed this elsewhere but signal bars are by no means the best method for telling how strong a signal you are getting. This article tells you more and the site has some outstanding tips on improving your phone's reception. Message me if you have any questions. 

Same problem here in Florida it’s been happening for about 2 months with my phone so it can’t be a tower unless they have lost a lot of towers maybe they are losing there towers because of non payment ? I don’t know but if this keeps up I’m switching to metro