Block all incoming calls except pre-authorized?

  • 17 February 2019
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In this day-and-age of constant scam calls, does Cricket offer any way to block all calls except for those pre-authorized? Or is there an app that you recommend for doing this?

I'm getting tired of blocking specific numbers just to have them call using a different number. If I could auth only certain numbers (say from my contact list) to come through that would be great.


Thank you.


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Thank you for your question.  Cricket does offer service to protect you from those unwanted calls.  Please see the link below for all the details.

Thank you.

I found an app yesterday that I'm going to try but if it doesn't I definitely will look into the Hiya app.

Have a great day :)

HiYa along with Cricket only works with the numbers you have already blocked. HiYa does give you warning at times if the number has been reported as spam or other DH's. I have 57 calls blocked with the same area code on my LG Cricket and it has a place to block area codes but doesn't work.



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Suggest turning on Do Not Disturb setting for 24hrs a day with the exception to allow calls to ring through if # is in your phone directory. If not in phone directory call goes directly to voicemail