BYOD wi-fi and HD calling

  • 4 December 2018
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Does anyone know when wi-fi calling and HD calling will become available for BYOD.  I heard on another forum that it might happen in November. I have a Galaxy J7 Prime, the T-Mobile version of the Halo. They are working on rolling out wi-fi calling for the Halo. How difficult is it to allow wi-fi calling on mirror models?

8 replies

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@sdgriffin08  Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! If you did not purchase your phone from Cricket but it is Wi-Fi Calling capable, you can still use your phone but Wi-Fi Calling will not work. Below I provided a link to the list of approved BYOD devices.

That's cheating, you literally copied and pasted that from the website :smileyfrustrated:

Is there anything you can say that isn't on the website? I know legally you probably can't, but I'm just phishing for information.

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@sdgriffin08 Unfortunately, all we have is the information that is on the website. At the moment we have no updates on your device being added to the approved Wi-Fi calling list.

You can try using the instructions I've posted here

Not sure if it will work on all BYOD however I have a strong feeling this will work for u please let us know so that I can make proper adjustments to this post if needed
Can I get a "strong feeling" that wifi calling will work on my device as well (Samsung Galaxy S20 5G]? If not, tmobile will...

I was looking for the information regarding the same TelltheBell.

Your articles are inventive. I am looking forward to reading the plethora of articles that you have linked here. Thumbs up! Tellthebell


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