Caller ID & Call forwarding grayed out on new phone

  • 30 June 2020
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I recently changed phones in my plan from a 4 yr. old Motorola X Pure to their new Moto G Power.  I switched the SIM card from the old phone to the new one, that went smoothly but there's one glitch with the phone, the Caller ID and Call Forwarding options in the phone app when selected bring up a pop-up message "Network or SIM Card error) when selected.  The features worked just fine in the Moto X (Android 7); the new phone is Android 10.  Both were factory unlocked when purchased.

I contacted Cricket support, or what passes for support, to be told "it's the phone".    Makes no sense since this is ALL on the network side.  I contact Motorola, they say the carrier is blocking the features (which I assumed all along).  I look in forums here and elsewhere and it was always the  carrier at fault.

Any way out of this except the cop-out from Cricket (except switching to another carrier, which I am considering based on recent problems, like calls that never get to me and voicemail that takes half a day to show up).

8 replies

Go Motorola forum. Many problems with this phone on the update.



Nope, wrong.  Not a thing wrong with her phone.  And the link you point to isn't even her phone,  If you read my original post it was for the new Moto G Power, not the older G7.

My wife, two kids and I are on the same Cricket plan.  With my Cricket SIM card in her Moto G Power, the options are fully active and work just fine.  When I pop her SIM card in my phone (an older Moto X Pure), the options are gone but are there when MY SIM card is in my phone. 

I then tried the SIM card from my son's iPhone 11 in my phone and my wife's phone since the options show in his phone.   In my Moto X phone the options show up just fine, but when I pop his SIM card in the Moto G they also work just fine.  It's only my wife's  SIM card that does it in ANY phone, when I put that car in the iPhone, guess what, options were blanked out.

It's her account, period.  Either it was never set up properly or Cricket screwed it up sometime after it was activated.  This issue has NOTHING to do with any phone, the same blocked options show up in any phone that SIM card is used in. And please don't say "get a new card", it's the way this account was misconfigured at the server end.  The card works just fine since in any phone it's used with it accesses phone/text/data with zero issues.

I contacted Cricket again, there's a 2nd case filed for it but 10 days later, not a single returned call, email, text.  Nothing but "crickets" from Cricket.

Their "customer service" is the pits.  I'm looking for a new carrier to switch to, not due to the issue but due to the obnoxious,  lack of customer service.

Try going to a store and getting a new sim card?

Just as a FYI: I have good luck with chat.

Once you get pass the robot a real person will come on.

Is the sim the new white one?

Just tossing out in trying to help you.

The link covers all G7s including power.

I also have the same phone and refused the 10 update.

It is a forum just like here.

I went over your post 5 times now.

Her sim has problems in all your phones?

Sims also have a sim iD and it may not be registered with the account?

If it was me which it is not I would go for the new sim.

Please note I do not work for Cricket.

Good luck to you!!!






I tried chat, twice cases were assigned.  Nothing has happened, I have to try calling since chat has been a farce.

And it's not a G7.  This is the new G Power, which is known as the G8 Power outside of the US.  The issue has absolutely nothing to do with the phone as I detailed above, it's her account, period.

Did you buy this off Amazon or a site like it?

asking for a reason.

International versions do have problems with some us carriers.

Not putting you down so please do not take it that way.




I bought from a Best Buy retail store near my home, it's a US warranted/spec phone. 

I think I know what you're driving at.  I won't buy a mobile phone off Amazon since you don't know what you're dealing with (US spec/warranty, international, gray, etc.).   I never found a reason to by a mobile phone off Amazon, to date I've either used a carrier sold phone or one I bought in a local Best Buy that's US spec/warrantied.

And this issue has NOTHING to do with her phone, period, it is her account.  The same options are blocked on any phone tried with her SIM card, both Android and Apple OS's.  Said same phones do not block those features when any other Cricket SIM card is used.


Sorry I could not help you.

That's OK. 

I should not lash out at any of the posters here, I assume you're customers like me.  I get peeved when I know more than the rep knows about their company's internal systems.  It's the curse of being an engineer that designs chips for cell phones, I know about the guts of these products at a level most have no clue about, not to mention how the networks are designed.   My issues since day one were server-side related, pure and simple

When I contact a company these days I get frustrated dealing with reps too often.  They're  just reading off a script and it's so easy to spot it gets infuriating.