can i text message through my computer

  • 21 June 2019
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When I was with AT&T, I was able to text message through my work computer without lifting my phone. does Cricket have the same option.


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7 replies

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Hello @jessicalevine

At this time there is not an option to send a text from your Cricket phone number through your computer. However, if you're trying to message a Cricket customer via e-mail sms/mms you can use this format:


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@Kris The provided format can be used for both mms and sms messages.

I tried this format in the past and it didnt go through. This format did work when Cricket was AIO. also verizon uses one format for text and a different on for pictures, what can you use the mms format for?

web interfaces seem to be what separate the primary service carriers (like AT&T), and their 2nd class pay go cussons (like Cricket), but Cricket is a LOT cheaper.

If you have an Android phone, you can link your computer and your PC via Although, you phone and your computer have to be near each other. 

Sending text messages via email is always hit or miss (even if you know which service your recipient is using. 

You can send text to any cell phone from your computer. There are different methods and it depends how You want to send message. There are some service providers who provide computer to SMS service but most of them have either add-ins only for the client versions or the charges are very high. So far you can use Red Oxygen  which supports multiple platform with same email address. Very soon they are going to launch 365 web app and a Gmail add-on also. Hope that will be able to fulfill most of customer requirements.

Before I found that feature I used this app call mobizen it transfers your phone screen to a computer. though you need to use a cord. Now that I'm on cricket wireless I will try to go and do that again.

I will try this. I recognized the need to type from my computer soon after I got my first smartphone so I installed Mobizen there are a few extra steps to go that route you need to be plugged into said computer and you need to download a couple apps on your phone and a program on the computer.