Can't make or receive calls but can text.

  • 14 March 2019
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I cannot make or receive calls at home on all 3 of my phones for hours at a time. Always have full signal bars. I can drive 2 miles down the road and all 3 work fine. Cricket has been absolutely useless in resolving this. This has been ongoing for 6 months. I'm forced to find another carrier. I read somewhere that Cricket is fine as long as you don't have a problem. True statement.  


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14 replies

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Hello @sltmfla

If you're still experiencing issues with your service please reach out to our support teams via phone, chat, or social media. 


I have reached out to support using another phone and have not had this issue resolved. I have even went to the cricket store and they psrformed a sim card update and still no results.
I still cannot make or recieve calls on my phone. My friend cannot make or receive calls either. Yet our wives are able to. My wife and i are both on the same cricket plan and the same goes for him and his wife.
We NEED THIS ISSUE RESOLVED OR WE WILL BE FORCED TO MOVE TO ANOTHER CARRIER AS WELL. I dont want to do this. Ive been with Cricket for a lot of years and this is the first time ive had any problems.
I had to download a calling app just to make calls. This sucks !
I have contacted customer service over the phone with no success.
I have been to the Cricket Store where they performed a sim card update but still no results.
I have full bars, data, and text but cannot make or receive calls. My wife however can. We are both on the same Cricket plan.
My friend is having the exact same issue as well. He has full bars, data, and text, but cannot make or receive calls. Yet his wife who is on the same plan as he can make calls just fine.
This needs to be fixed soon or we will be forced to move to another carrier as well !
Did this ever get resolved?
We are having the same problem. It's been 2 days now without no calling out or reciving calls. We contacted support but no remedy.
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@Messianicmember Please reach out to our Support Team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for additional assistance. 

Same thing here. We switched from Verizon 10 days ago and it has been ridiculous. It's like every evening I can't make any calls but I have full bars and 4g. I cant text and be on the internet but cant make calls. I'm about to switch back! Please let me know if you found a way to resolve this!
I can browse the internet and text but no calls or recieve calls

Has anyone discovered a workable solution? 

I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 8 Plus. I switched from Verizon last June... this is the first issue I’ve had.  With everything going on in the world today, and living alone, not having a working phone does not feel good.

I'm having the same problem with ALL FOUR FAMILY LINES. For over a week we haven't been able to make voice calls.  Phone calls go straight to voice mail.  Instead of getting "LTE" next to my bars at the top of the phone, it switches to"H" then nothing goes through.  I'm currently on my 3rd call to customer service.

I WAS considering changing from AT&T where Customer Service is volunteers and ranting forums.

  They have call centers that are always closed, telling you to call back when they are open

Tom's rated Cricket as "Best Customer Service" 

But referring customers to 'Facebook' or 'twitter' is even worse in my eyes. !

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Thank you for your feedback. We ask customers to contact us using Facebook or Twitter in specific cases where we may need to ask them account specific information to solve their issue. We use a software platform through FB and Twitter that allows us to secure and validate a customer's private information. Where we can, we will solve issues for customers through the community forum. We do this for the customer's safety and protection. Thank you for your comment. 


Two days ago I was trying to use my phone and I could hear the other party, but they were having difficulty hearing me.  I switched to my wife's cell phone and had the same problem.  Yesterday both my wife and my phones ceased being able to make or receive calls, although we can text.  She spent 4 hours with customer service and even went down to the Cricket office and the issue has not been resolved.  I have elderly parents and need a reliable phone so I can be reached.  Odd that both phones had been working perfectly and simultaneously they both start having the same problems.

So basically we have exhausted our efforts to resolve these issues and don't know what to do next as nobody at Cricket seems to know what is going on or how to solve the problem.

I have been using verizon as the service provider and internet was working pretty fine but whenever i turn on mobile hotspot on my phone, I am not getting the calls, except notifications from truecaller and text messages. What might be the reason, I have read all the replies but my issue is not suitable with any other guy in this thread, any help would be appreciated my lowes life

thanks and regards


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