Can't move apps on home page

  • 3 November 2019
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Hi, I got my new cricket wireless LG Stylo 3 two days ago and am getting used to it. I've never had an Android phone before. I have three problems going on right now:

1. When I started my phone, I noticed that I had a TOOLS folder. Then this morning it disappeared. I can't find it anywhere.

2. Being a Mac person, I went to create a new tool folder and then I noticed that I can't move my apps around at all. They are stuck in one place so I couldn't move anything and I was unable to create any folders. What to do? And why did the TOOLS folder disappear? They must be related.

3. And lastly, I am unable to set up visual voicemail. It starts to and stops in the process. 

Any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you, Martha




4 replies

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@mydiane  Thank you for posting on our community forum. We can provide to you the link to the user manual of the device. Hopefully it helps with the first two questions. As for the Visual Voicemail, we are aware of this issue and our support team is currently working on it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you, Grod_Cricket, for clearing visual voicemail up for me, what a relief to hear. 

I do have the manual on my computer and have gone over it. Thank you for the link.

I was able to add my small private email finally with the help of my email provider.

However, I am still unable to move apps around or create folders. When I place my finger on them, a box open up but I am unable to move the app or apps. Can you or anyone suggest what to do about that? That is my biggest problem right now since I'm happy that I was able to add and use my email account to my phone. 

I will mostly be using my phone for text, phone calls, and a little email. I may go online if needed but that would be rare. 

Thank you! Martha



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@mydiane I would suggest to contact LG's support team. Here is a link to there page. They maybe able to help you with this:

Thanks, I did yesterday. They got back to me by email and I contacted them on facebook. I did a lot of their suggestions like booting up from safe mode and they sent some other things to try. The last thing would be a factory reset and seeing if new software is available. Do I need to be signed in to google to get new software? I denied access to google.