Can't receive calls from a landline

  • 6 August 2019
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We have several phones and all work fine except one.  On that phone it will ring if someone calls from a cell phone and work... but if they call from a landline it goes straight to voice mail.  I have wasted time talking to a person in a cricket store, and call customer service 3 times and gotten no solutions.  We have swapped the sim cards with another phone and when we do the phone that isn't work will work with the other sim card in it, but the sim card from the phone that isn't working will have the same problem in any phone you put the card into.  So we know it isn't the phone.


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@Thomas998 We'll be happy to have someone look into this for you. Please reach out to our support teams via social media on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport). 


The reason I posted this problem was that after visiting a cricket store and being told to call customer service, and then after calling customer service being put 3 times before being put on hold for a total of 2 and a half hours before being hung up on ever time I was able to get zero help.

Now I have finally gotten the problem solved after the 4th call to customer service but it took them 2 days to do it.  For the record and for anyone else that happens to have this problem the solution was for them to send the information for porting the previous number through again.  If anyone had bothered to check and see if the porting went through the first time when we got the phone they would have found that it had not gone through according to the Cricket person.  The put the porting request through again and then after it was accepted the phone started working properly.  So if anyone has this problem the solution is to make sure the idiots at Cricket verify that the porting of your old number has actually been done.  If it hasn't the phone may not work 100 percent.  You will also have to ask the idiots in customer service to hand you over to a supervisor as apparently the people you get in customer service don't get access to the information on porting and whether it was successful or not.