Can you look at Call or text logs for active lines

  • 21 October 2019
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I was looking to see if anyone knew if there was a way to pull up a call or text log for lines on your account what does anyone know if support can do it?

2 replies


The cold parts of cricket saying that we cannot get a record of our texts messages is 1. Those digital files are always and forever PRESERVED within the servers not to mention crickets/at&t's archives! They can say that they can't access them all they wish to, it's a blatant absurd lie(s)! 2. Say a police agency detectives, sheriff's, marshall's, & etc so wish to view our texts those will Hogg's are gonna have thee entire history provided to them!! 

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@Funsize69 Hi there, in order to see the call records on the lines you must request the records from our Global Legal Demand Center. Their fax number is  (888) 938-4715.