charger wont charge phone

  • 28 June 2018
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I have 2 phones and wont charge oday

5 replies

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Hello, a device not charging can be multiple things.  It could be a bad cord, bad plug in the wall or a device issue.  If it ends up being a device issue we do cover the device for warranty for one year.


I'm having issues with charging cable not charging my device, my husband and I have the same phone we purchased with Cricket on the same day. I have to keep using his charging cable to charge my device. Unable to get assistance from Cricket customer service department, was transferred from their department to Asurion to be informed by the my insurance don't cover charging cable issues only the device and was informed that's within the warranty and transfer back to Cricket ask to speak to a supervisor and been waiting over 30 mins for a supervisor that the last agent stated she was transferring me over to. Before transferred to a supervisor asked for warranty phone number to call them directly agent said there's not one they can only transfer me over to that department. Previous two Cricket agent stated they were going to transfer me over to warranty but the call disconnects. I'm so freaking pissed off right now and feel like I should've stayed with previous carrier and to feel like I've been treated like shit during 4 calls in one day. Oh I'm still holding waiting on a supervisor to come to the line .

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HI @Nakesha86 ! We are sorry to hear of your recent device issue and would be glad to take a further look into this matter. May you Direct Message us @CricketSupport with the name and wireless number associated with your account along with the device IMEI number. 

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Your local dollar store literally has USB type C and standard charging cords for a dollar (or maybe $1.25 now thanks to Bidenflation). Get yourself a few of them while you’re there. Throw one in your car (they have car chargers at the dollar store too). They don’t last forever. 


Thanks and I've tried so many chargers and they still don't charge my phone properly.