Constant disable of wifi on lg fortune 2

  • 2 January 2019
  • 2 replies

This seems awfully shady. My home Wifi continues to disable on my 5 day old fortune 2. No problem with any other devices at home. I enable on my phone and even in the middle of a task it turns off and I get a "no internet available" message. This happens both when mobile data is on or off. If it is on then I am unknowingly using my data allotment. Cricket should do something about this issue because it seems to be happening to not just LG fortune but other phones as well. I feel I will be forced into the unlimited plan as to not go over my data allotment.

2 replies

Untested by me yet but I have same problem, new same phone, LM-X210CM. Possible issue with over agressive Cricket WIfi Manager. Disable this app in wireless network settings to see if fixed.
Disabling cricket wifi manager worked for keeping home wifi enabled.