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  • 3 September 2023
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I am so sick of getting system updates!! Every time it happens, I lose information on my phone, all of my settings go haywire,and I wind up with apps and games that I didn't install. Plus the after the last one, my bank account was hacked as soon as the phone rebooted. If I wanted to update my Android version, I would purchase a different phone. The beginning of the week was Android S, and now less than a week later, Android 13 ?!?! I have turned off the auto update, but I can't get rid of the notification. On my last phone, I had auto update turned off, but it didn't work. Is there a way to make Cricket stop trying to force these updates?? 

I have to use this phone for business too, and it is a lot of trouble when I lose information.


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Hey @cabond ! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. Cricket is a wireless provider and doesn’t manage the system updates, they only control features such as phone calls, SMS and internet. Your system is updated by your phone manufacturer so we suggest you to get in touch with them.

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It clearly says Cricket Software Update on it.