Coverage loss

  • 2 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Is anyone else having the worst service lately? As of 2 months ago my phone calls keep dropping and messages wont send in my own household!! Literally the worst service in 9 years

1 reply

Guys iam a really easy going go with the flow type lady,But OMG i recently changed from att to cricket started with 55 plan It was Horrible then upgraded to 60plan thought 4gLTE would be better,it crawls searching checking email playing games TRAGICALLY HORRIBLE csr says theres upgrade to tower in my area read that on here last month?Cant even add Gmail i have 1dot Why is there no difference in service frm 55-60 its still the same😭😭😭 I knw they slow when theres congestion But mine hasnt changed dont even see 4g just lte on calls, Help whats going on crawling is how data goes before you knw it it takes longer n longer to connect i knw location means alot i live down the str. Frm att Using crown-cricket wireless service is Terrible Horrible Pitifully Sssslowwe Why?