Cricket/AT&T blocking texting from my Google Voice Number

  • 25 October 2018
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I am a Cricket Wireless customer. I've been having trouble with texts from my Google Voice number being blocked when sent to Cricket Wireless (I don't use my "real" Cricket Wireless number, do everything via my Google Voice number) and AT&T numbers. I've done some digging on the web and the problem seems to stem from Cricket Wireless and it's parent company AT&T somehow flagging my Google Voice number as spam. My Google Voice number is strictly for personal use and I send maybe 5 or 6 texts a day so don't know how it would have been flagged. I found this thread on the Google Forums and apparently the fix needs to come from Cricket/AT&T engineers!msg/voice/GR-dsPvZQJE/UccFgy5GDgAJ 

2 replies

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Hello @greatgoogly,

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Update: Unfortunately Cricket support laid all the blame with Google Voice. However earlier this week texts started again passing unimpeded from Google Voice number to all AT&T numbers, including Cricket. Don't know what happened but happy it is working again.