Cricket hotspot service is the worse I have used, I'm going back to a 3rd. party service and use my own AT&T hotspot.

  • 30 March 2021
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It all started right off at the Cricket Store they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. First I made sure my AT&T hotspot would work with Cricket and put in the numbers and was told yes it will work. Then I went to chat gave them the numbers and was told yes you can use your AT&T hotspot. When I went to the store the girl who had just started and had been there 2 weeks started setting me up. She took the sim a made it the smallest it would go and then told me Sir our sim is to small for your hotspot you will have to buy 1 of our Moxee Hotspots to use a Cricket Sim. I told her you made it to little and she said you can only use the smallest sim with Cricket. That is dumb it does not matter what size the sim is they hold the same info. large, med, or small she made it to little for my hotspot. The manager who was sitting in the back room playing games on a Ipad when I ask her to get or talk to her, told her he will have to buy a cricket moxee hotspot if he wants our service or go across the street to the AT&T store. Right then I should of left but like a fool we needed internet for our work. There is no way you could use all your data because 1/3 of the month you have no internet no service at all. I went to chat to get help and the person put my pin number in wrong 3 times and locked me out of my account. I had to go all the way to a cricket store to make a new pin and then came home and the next day went to chat for help and was told that pin does not work and I’m locked out of my account again. I want to talk to someone who understands me and I can understand them to talk to. The manager and the people working at the Cricket Store in Selmer,Tn. don’t know anything about setting up a hotspot unless you buy a new one from them. And the manager is way to much into being on the internet and playing games then doing the job Cricket pay him to do. My account is setup to auto-pay I want it stopped and if the service does not get better I want to close my account with Cricket for good and go back to a 3rd. party data service. If Cricket support was half as good as my old 3rd. party support was they would be ok. I just can’t get any help and I”m not going back to their store and change my pin, I don’t use Cricket for my phone service so I can’t work with them unless I drive all the way to their store. Our Stright Talk phone and internet data service is 10 times better then Cricket, but it is 55.00 a month for 22gb. a month that is why we use someone with better data prices. Is there someone you can talk to using email that may be able to help get all the settings right on the moxee hotspot and my computer that way they both talk to each other and work together.  Any help please  James Hopper

1 reply

Boy this is the greatest speeds anywhere don’t everyone wish they could pay 90.00 a month for these speeds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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