Cricket is a Joke

  • 29 October 2020
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The list of issues I have with Cricket keep growing by the day. Cricket tells me that my BYOD phone is not compatible with the hotspot feature, yet every month since April 2020 I have used hotspot. I called on 10/08/2020 to add an extra 15GB hotspot to my line. The representative allowed me to pay $10.00 and then told me my phone isn't compatible, and the $10.00 would be a credit on my account. I then had to place a complaint with the BBB and after a month someone from corporate refunded the $10.00, however, in doing so they caused my account to be suspended. I used the $10.00 and only paid $100.00 toward my bill that was due on 10/22/2020. On 10/28/2020 Cricket stated they refunded the $10.00 to my account which my bank account only shows a reversal of $0.00. My phone lines were disconnected without notice during a hurricane. I was left with no service for hours until I called the automated phone line and activated bridge pay. I did not have to make any payment to activate bridge pay. I had no choice but to do so because I wouldn't be able to call cricket to ask about the $42.00 they claim I owe.  Cricket refunded $10.00 to now ask me to pay them $42.00, how is that fair? Then to suspended my phone lines during an emergency when I just paid $100.00 WITHOUT notice or any text messages. Their customer service personal are the worst and they just repeat themselves and they provide no help what so ever. On top of all this I purchased the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G for 500.00 and was told again that the device isn't compatible with the hotspot feature. Cricket has locked this device for 6 months but in the next sentence tells me I can't have the hotspot feature when its listed on their website. Really think my next phone call needs to be with the FCC or an attorney. 

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