Cricket is Crashing phones on their network to force customers to purchase new phones

  • 11 April 2020
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I am led to believe the Cricket is crashing phones on their network purposely, To force customers to purchase new phones. I went to pay my bill, and the representative kept trying to ask me did I wish to purchase a new phone, when I clearly stated my purpose there was to ONLY pay my bill. Recently, my phone has been randomly crashing and having glitches for no apparent reason. I'm posting this for other users with this issue to take note and complain also.

2 replies

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In this crazy world today I can believe almost anything, key word being almost, but Cricket intentionally doing something to our phones in order to get us to purchase new ones is really a bit of a stretch.

I think most people would go elsewhere if their phones were crashing and not buy new ones? 

But sorry about your experiences with your Cricket service, good luck with another carrier should you decide to switch. And before you ask, I'm not an employee of Cricket nor am I a true fanboy either.  

Just wanted to add my thoughts........

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Cricket sent me a text a few months ago that they will discontinue support for my Sony phone in February, which really makes me angry because the phone isn’t really that old.

However, where I think Cricket is capable of many things not helpful to the BYOD crowd, I don’t think they would stoop as low as to crashing phones on purpose, but since they are part of AT&T, I guess anything could be possible.