Cricket remotely locked my brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ factory unlocked!?

  • 18 July 2019
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I've had cricket unlimited data/talk/text plan on the same LG phone and same SIM card for the past two years. Plan is always paid each month on autopay & never late.

I ordered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128gb factory unlocked phone directly from Samsung. Waited a few days before I put my old SIM card into the S10+ phone. Cricket has locked it.

Of course now that it has already happened to me, I'm discovering it is something that happens to Cricket customers frequently. I could have avoided it, had I known. It never occurred to me they were capable of doing it remotely.

Also AIO (cricket wireless) wrote over my OTA software update capabilities with some AIO constipated version. I now am no longer able to receive those ota android security updates directly like I did the first two days I had the phone.

2 replies

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@bethlivingston Hi there, we recently sent a message via Facebook in our current chat asking for the imei of the device to further assist. Please provide this in Facebook Private Message. Thank you!

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@bethlivingston That happens with unlocked iPhones too - with any carrier. It gets locked to the first network you use it with. Cricket will unlock it, and you can do a factory reset to restore the device to it's original state.