Cricket Unlimited More speed

  • 3 April 2020
  • 3 replies

I understand cricket runs off AT&T towers and they claim to have the fastest speeds available, but are we pulling in the same speed as an AT&T (prepaid/postpaid) customer? Or are we throttled down?

3 replies

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Speed rates depend upon the plan that you have and other factors that may change by location (i.e. elevation, interference, tower distance, etc). We cant guarantee data transfer speeds but we aim to give customers as close to the highest speed available within their plan. 

you didnt answer the question posaed by the OP, and I have the same question.

Assume I am sitting on my butt on my couch.  If I were to have a cricket sim vs. an ATT sim, can I expect the same speeds?   Or, is the speed maximum throttled down and capped for the cricket customer.

Assume I'd be using the same phone, in the same location, at the same nanosecond.

For me, the plans involved would also effectively be the same, the 2GB for $15 plan, which is offered by both ATT and cricket

As a matter of fact my friend and I both have an iPhone 8 Plus, but he’s on AT&T . I ran 3 speed test and for some strange reason I pulled faster speeds than he did, also as far as coverage we always he the same amount of bars.. i was pretty happy to see that!