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Welcome, do not try to make things right with customer service via live nor email. I never received rewards last year and now told via email because live agent did not understand me, that refer a friend does not exist and not to contact them about it. I am a liar I suppose. I got screwed out of $$ twice now, refer a friend incident is too long to type but beware. Is that a question?

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Please direct message or private message us on Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to help you resolve this. (@cricketsupport or Cricketnation)

I wanted to say u ppl and ur service sucks. Since day 1 when I got my phone it wasn't set up right cuz she was to busy talking in general to a non customer and not paying attention. Had to have someone else do it right. Then outside ur door couldn't evenget Wi-Fi. I hate the phone I bought was pre-warned not to get it. Phone shuts off for no reason. Data turns on anytime it wants. Turns off my Wi-Fi on a daily. Ru getting the picture ? Phone locks up several times a day. I won't even go into the store to pay my bill cuz if I see one particular person. We'll leave it at that. Point is I wouldn't recommend anyone a dog to ur store. Have great day
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thank you so much cricket for not having 24 hour support.  thank you so much for only having an address in california to address my concerns to.  thank you so much cricket for after 6 years of service, failing me so greatly.  thank you so much for my last month of service with you, although, i think you know i can find comparable service and probably even cheaper.  you have no idea what problems this one night has caused for me.  to show my bill as owing nothing, but still service is suspended.   I have no ability to contact family.  i have no ability to let anyone know she has passed.  i have no ability to contact her family.  i had to borrow a strangers phone, and as the number was unrecognized at 2am... no one answered.  thanks again.  i will enjoy our last 30 days together as i scope out new providers.   


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I worked for AT&t, Cricket's parent company, back when their customer service used to be good. Everyone might possibly remember that time, it was when they were called Cingular?? Back then our slogan was "the customer is always right." Back in the good ole days when reps. Spoke English and knew where their paycheck comes from. Apparently,these days the only valued customer is a ported in new customer. Once your a ongoing customer your absolutely not worth keeping. Ported customers get deep discounts on new phones. Those new phones get all the new features added and are the only phones eligible for said features. Ongoing cinsistan customers can get the new features such as wi fi hot spot only by paying full price no discount for new phones most totalling hundreds of dollars. Coustimer service will never fix your problem because they don't get paid for that. The busier the call center the more they get paid. Plus fixing the problem like mine. Trying to get my due date pushed forward 1 day so it falls on my payday. Bougt the plan and the phone on that exact date so the auto pay would come out on that exact date every time rolls back to the second of the month. Every time I get booted out. Every time I get booted 5.00 gets paid to the crappy company. Every time I'm told its fixed it isn't or im not calling on the right day or sucks to be you you worthless customer try you luck next month. Oh wait not porting your number in or paying full price for another phone in under a year. Ya cricet doesn't care. We pretend to keep wasting your time Customer cause we aren't gonna do what you want but keep those calls up do we get paid, Have a nice day and give me a stellar review on that survey. Wonder whether pages would say if they got paid for good work not the quantity of calls. Sorry after a hour of being bulk shorted. Umm spending the next 24 hours trashing your company on every form of internet site i can find. I'm stuck with this company for another month cause I know getting any money back is a bigger joke than your customer care so my goal is to start with 10 sites giving bad reviews. Im gonna times that by 2 till I finally change companies. I'm gonna be too busy to make one more wasted call to a useless call center. Besides I'm not worth keeping any way. Ill go somewhere who likes on time consistent payments. Been swell but the swedlings gone down. You suck as a company.

Refer a friend is total BS! I have referred my daughter and my boss and haven't received rewards for either one. called customer support and they are no help. That program is set up to fail. it should be easy, when someone you tell about Cricket goes in and tells them that you referred them they could easily say what is there phone number and it be done. it's a scam!!   

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@timleopard I have found that as long as you read the steps and follow the correct process refer-a-friend is really easy and reliable. I get the $250 max every year. Whoever you're referring has to get their code before they activate. Their code is different than the link you send them. They redeem the code after activation and then if they keep service for 60 days you both get the credit. 

Not surprised when the call center is in Central or South America!

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@CPutfark they do offer a 1-Year Warranty on all their new phones. My Mom had an issue with her phone not reading the SIM card, and she took it to the UPS store first thing one morning, and she got a replacement phone the next day. Just visit and follow the prompts on the site, or call the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. It's super easy! 

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@alonawhalen it's a prepaid no-contract carrier people. You got a great deal when you ported your number over too. Everyone is eligible for upgrade pricing once every 3 months tho. You can also bring your own phone to Cricket. You have options. One of them includes porting out to another carrier. I tried that once, and came right back. Cricket has the best coverage in the prepaid game- hands down. 

All Cellphones come with a 1 year warranty. Since my first cell phone 1998, every one I have purchased has had this. If you read the item literature in the majority of electronic items purchased electrical items come with a 1 year manufacture defect warranty.


No. I brought my own phone. I got the rate plan every person gets. I purchased 1 phone from Cricket it was never discounted or no deal was ever given. There has never been any appreciation. The problem of them nto taking out my payment when I have repeatedly asked them to is still reoccurring and not fixed. I would pay more for mediocre service and have a company that appreciates That I give them my business. Appreciates that I work hard for that money. Than to hear "oh well too bad we can't do what you ask because you pay us to treat you worthless. " Or basically a Company that would rather reward the people they can steal from other companies while ignoring the people who did research and chose the Company first or have not ported their number somewhere else because of loyalty to that company. Nope sorry, no rewards at all here. Wrong person. I'm not worth rewarding.


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I gave up on Cricket when they took me for a month's worth of billing on one of my lines. I had a total of 7 lines with Cricket, they refused to make it right so I ate the added expense and switched to PuretalkUSA just to get rid of Cricket. PureTalk has the same coverage (ATT towers) and is cheaper. Customer Service is based in the USA and is responsive. It's not a full service carrier and support is commensurate but it is competent and gets the job done.

Get out before they get you...

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You can read my previous posts on here about Cricket. If you want better customer service I suggest PureTalk USA. They use the same ATT towers, same coverage, and have USA based Customer Service and are cheaper. It's still a discount carrier so likely they won't go overboard to keep you, but it's competent, USA based, and gets the job done. 

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And no, I don't work for PureTalk or get any discounts for referring new customers. I'm just a customer who decided not to put up with Cricket's bad customer service any longer...

Unfortunately, there are only 3 carriers that half way work here. Verizon, ATT and cricket. All three have the worse customer service. Verizon has that issue and TDMA. Double no. I had someone break in and smash my phone with a hammer last week. Did not even bother trying to get Cricket to help. As you can see, it has taken months to respond to my still unresolved problems. There response? " Too bad so sad you already got a awesome break from us ( sure didn't) be happy cause I am don't really care." Or " well my mom had a factory defect and Cricket exchanged her phone.... No the brand did and they went over your mom's old phone with a fine tooth comb to catch her telling lies. One thing wrong, mommy would have been out full price for both phones plus shipping and service would have been terminated. Either way no overpriced cricket phone went for an older refirb. Branded Att supposedly unlocked. Wrong!!!! Bloatware and Att dialer will not allow Cricket. Funny no discount for an ATT number  port either. I had a phone get damaged with previous company MetroPcs, knowing that my phone is my job, they gave me loaner phones til i got paid and didntheir best to find me the most reasonable phone that was compatible with my job. Now sitting here losing 250. A day, really don't wanna hear who cares pay your bill we are awesome 6 months to a year from now.

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@chandlerc1 Sooo, if you're no longer with Cricket, why post on here??? I'm confused. ESPECIALLY if you aren't even getting any kick backs from PureTalk. At least Cricket has a Refer-A-Friend program.:smileylol:

Never heard of that company before! Is it a regional carrier?

Is it possible to find a members cell phone if they are on you plan

My most recent experience is that they don’t listen to the customer and don’t care. But I pay my bill and expect them to learn customer service. It’s not about answering a phone and reading from a script but helping resolve an issue or directing you where you can find resolution. The last CSR actually hung-up on me. He was a manager. Sad times we are in where service truly is rare. If anyone finds a good caring company, I would pay more for that.