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  • 8 November 2020
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I have been a loyal customer for 2 years and today my phone decided to start acting up.  I went online and was shocked at how much it costs to "upgrade" your phone.  I spoke with an agent in chat that informed me that I was getting a $40 discount as a loyal customer.  So just for giggles I went on like I was a new customer and the same phone I looked at was the same price offered to me as a loyal customer.  I might add to this that I have 4 lines through Cricket and have NEVER been late with a payment.

I do not feel as if Cricket values my business.  I like Cricket. I have never had an issue with coverage no matter where I am.

I would hate to have to change all 4 lines to another company.  I came to Cricket from MetroPCS because of the customer service and lack of appreciation.  




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We have some great deals on devices for our new and existing customers. That's something for everyone. Please know that current customer offers must be taken advantage of when offered and have expiration dates like new customer offers. 

The "deal" offered is the same for new AND existing customers. That shows absolutely ZERO loyalty for existing customers. I have never been with a cell company that did not offer either free or at least deeply discounted prices for existing customers. I have been using the same phone since I started with Cricket almost 2 years ago.

Same here MeeBee. I've been with them for 2 years and went to upgrade my 5 lines and was told I couldn't do it online unless I did it 1 at a time because they can't online. However if I want to go to the store I can do all 5 at once. But in the store they don't even do the upgrade price or the discount at all. In order to upgrade in the store here we have to pay full price for the phone as well as activation fees and everything else. What should be pretty cheap for us to upgrade online would be almost double in the store. Yet somehow they are legally getting away with this. 


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