Customer Service is Terrible

  • 4 June 2020
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I find it hard to believe that such a large company does not have a customer service survey, or some avenue available for customers to leave feedback about their experience. I had a chat with Andrea M. online and she was terrible to chat with. She wasted my time and has left an awful taste in my mouth about this company. Good riddance. 

9 replies

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Thank you so much for commenting on the Community Forum! 

We're very sorry to hear about your chat experience! Your feedback is very valuable, and our team of Corporate Managers on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) would be happy to take your feedback, and provide a solution. :smileyhappy:

No kidding.  The chat wasn't the worst part, it was the lack of response to a trouble ticket that was filed 10 days ago in my case.


And to the Cricket staffers:  you have chat/phone for customer support but you tell customers after they've had problems with your (lack of) customer support to now contact you via 'social media' to get any help?  Seriously?  Why, so that a customer can gripe to the world about bad service?

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I had mixed results with CS and I'm sure that's the case with most major companies support staff.

On Cricket's site the chat feature is mostly hit or miss.  Once or twice I actually chatted with a real person and they were extremely helpful.

Other times I would get messages that they didn't understand my questions even though they were basic easy to understand questions.  Maybe there wasn't a real person at the time monitoring the chat section? Very frustrating indeed.

I find that if you use their face book site you usually get a real live person helping. 

As far as a survey, I never really noticed, as I don't do surveys unless something drastic has happened and that's a real rarity.

Good luck with your issues.....

I've been waiting on a call back for escalated issue for months. I'm glad I didn't hold my breath
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@TheMadScientist hey, you should reach out to them on Facebook. They resolved my issue expeditiously, lol. 

I'm just worried about this 3 g shut down. So no hd calls on my nice s10 does that mean since they rarely support byop 99% of them will be useless my kids iPhone supports it and I think my wife's one plus 6t is doing volte but it seems to me like a provisioning thing to me

Agreed, just had the worst customer service of my life with Cricket, the person did not elevate to their supervisor when asked, and there was no way to submit feedback about my experience. 


Positive customer reviews are a good indicator of the company's performance, and negative feedback is a pattern of falling quality of your product.

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I completely agree