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  • 17 October 2018
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Recently I upgraded from the 50 dollar plan to the 60 dollar unlimited plan and it seems like my data speeds run so much slower. The internet doesn’t run very fast not only on one areal but everywhere i go. I spoke with a rep and he was trying to help when we got disconnected and now when I try to get an agent it’s saying support is now closed. Which is ridiculous since I was just speaking with someone. I also haven’t had lte data at all for the passed two days.

4 replies

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Hello @Nstaudt1,

Thank you for your post. If you're having service issues we recommend reaching out to our support teams via phone, chat, or social media (Facebook or twitter @cricketsupport).


It is my understanding the unlimited $60 plan DOES NOT provide FAST LTE speeds, rather 3mpbs and the same goes for the $50.00 unlimited plan. This is straight from their site: Download speeds max of 8Mbps (LTE)/4Mbps (4G) for all data plans except the Unlimited Plan and Unlimited Extra Plan. The Unlimited Plan offers data speeds max of 3Mbps; video streaming at SD quality (about 480p). After 22 GB of data usage on the Unlimited Plan, Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds during network congestion. The Unlimited Extra Plan offers video streaming at SD quality (about 480p) and Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested. For other plans with high-speed data allowances, speeds will be reduced to 128Kbps max if you exceed your plan's monthly data allowance.

I have the most expensive plan coming form tmobile cricket data speeds is not great not even good I think most of phones are mid range because to buy high end phone is a waste there speeds won't support it. Been 3 months with service and probably will be going somewhere else
I need help why my cricket 4G is always high all the time