Did cricket break another FCC rule?

  • 24 October 2020
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I went thru the trouble of setting a PIN and was reassured by a supervisor that only my line will have capability of changing the PIN as she set the other lines to not have text PIN access. Then I set up a secret question, only to find that my PIN was changed. So I’m seeking to know if anyone is aware of what FCC rule they broke by failing to protect my privacy?

5 replies

I smell a major class action lawsuit for breach of privacy
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@Organic Dude, it's prepaid. ALL lines have equal access. All lines get text notifications, there is no "main line" in prepaid. Gotta read those T&C's! :smileyhappy:

I disagree with you minimizing my concerns as why have a PIN and then a secret question if the PIN is unable to be produced . It doesn’t cost but 15 minutes to file a FCC complaint
So I guess it’s a situation of “buyers beware” as that means that an underaged child or disgruntled partner could increase the plan, remove a phone/line, etc and potentially cause headaches for the parent/partner. So I’m probably going to switch back to a traditional plan where the carrier has better customer service, actually protects my information and as a result I’m sure I’d have better overall service.

There is a lady that was talking about starting a lawsuit I am so frustrated with this company is not even funny they overdraft my account didn't set up for auto-pay the on this stupid phone company because of the food stamp emergency broadcast $10 thing now I didn't get $10 to charge me $89 transfer my damn phone number and I brought my own phone they were supposed to give me a $40 credit instead they overdrafted my account there's no customer service when I get out of work at 9:00 on a Sunday evening for shutting off my phone at midnight they want to charge me $5 to speak to somebody ever so nice of them to be refunded that's freaking great I don't know where the person is it starting that lawsuit but please please please please please please I am so frustrated my daughter has stage 4 breast cancer don't need this in our lives doctors is going to help us out and overdrafted my account shutting my phone off at midnight I do housekeeping all my stuff comes through my phone I'm going to lose a lot of money after midnight on my phone's off and they picked up my account I am so frustrated right now I could swear little face off if anybody knows who that lady is it starting a lawsuit and my email address is reply Kimberly at gmail.com by the grace of God you will find me