Does Cricket International Extra provide data access?

  • 24 September 2018
  • 2 replies

Does Cricket International Extra provide data access/ data roaming for the included 37 countries? I am not concerned about Canada or Mexico but other countries.

If not, does cricket have another service for it or any suggestions?

2 replies

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Thank you for posting on our forum today. The Cricket International Extra only allows you to use the device in the Unites States when calling to those 37 other countries. The only time the device works internationally is when it is in Mexico and Canada. If you were to take the device and try to use it with this feature it will not work. We would suggest maybe using Wi-Fi to have service internationally if it is not Mexico or Canada.


Hi, do you have a better answer 4 years later? Is there a way to have international data roaming besides Mexico and Canada?