eSIM in the near future?

  • 17 December 2018
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Will Cricket be supporting eSIM in the foreseeable future? AT&T has announced its support, and I wonder if Cricket can piggyback on that. 


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8 replies

I bought iPhone XS for dual SIM card , if cricket won’t support esim. I’ll consider switching to the other wireless operators.
Same here I have 4 lines with cricket... I don’t wanna carry 4 phones anymore, so if I cannot use that technology with cricket probably I’ll fix that issue with different service provider.
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I'm in the same boat.  Need to have one device for work and home.  Work account has 5 Cricket lines which we will move if we can't use e-SIM.  

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I suspect e sim support will be forthcoming, from what I understand the 14 pro max, will have two e sims, and NO Physical sim card slot, so either cricket finds a way to support it, or they lock themselves out of future i phones. I hope they also add the i watch support at this time, I have a Cellular i watch, but don’t use that feature just because Cricket doesn’t support it. If they have to add it to keep supporting apple i phones maybe they will add it for the watch too.

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Thank you so much for your question.  Currently we do not have any word on it we will be supporting this as well.  If anything changes we will keep everyone informed. 

It’s March 1, 2019. Is cricket supporting Esim yet? What is the update?

We are also waiting for the eSim support.  We have a trip to Japan this coming summer.  Without eSIM support, we are considering to use Google Fi service now.

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Same question; Any Update?


I have a I-phone XS Max it has a sim and a e-sim, I have the Family unlimited plan with three phones, Note that's $90 a month, I could add a 4th number for $10, a Month which I would do, But cannot Put two Numbers on my I phone like I want to, because Cricket does Not support the e-sim, While it would be worth $10 a month for another phone number, It's not worth buying and carrying a second phone, and even less worth paying AT&T prices. Another question, any plans to add support for a apple watch?