experience poor service daily

  • 21 April 2023
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First off I have been with cricket 🦗 for some time and I have never experienced such poor quality in service as in the last 3 months I have all my bars in signal but when I go to make a call it doesn't even connect even after 4 or 5 attempts my text messages are not sending and I've called about this crappy service on several occasions  and you guys claim to have reset the service but this is happening everyday all day I had to call the emergency service last month and my phone wouldn't even connect the call thus I had to use someone else's phone to make the call I am seriously thinking about switching phone companies because I'm tired of paying for poor unreliable phone service cricket! its not my headset and no my phone hasn't gotten wet and I have restarted my phone so many times to no avail. I have a phone that's about 2 years old and I hope this is not because big tech wireless companies want consumers to keep spending hundreds of dollars up grading phones every year we'll that's not for me so someone please do something fast or u will loose my business sooner than later.   sincerely sick and tired of this


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Hi @CONNIEB we thank you for reaching out to cricket Forum! We are sorry to hear of your service issue and would be glad to take a closer look into this for you. May you Private Message us @CricketSupport and provide the name and wireless number associated with your account along with the complete address of where you experience this service issue. We look forward to assisting you further! 


This is EXACTLY What I'm going through as we speak. I'm very close to giving up on this. 

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Hi @pandapauley82 and welcome to the Community Forum! We’d be happy to review your account and the current coverage in your area to determine what’s causing your service issues, and how we can best assist you. Please send our team a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account, your wireless number, and the complete address where you’re experiencing issues.