Features Request - Google Voice Style - Accept Calls Press 1.

  • 30 August 2021
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Call Defense is not working that I can see. Appears to be active. However, I receive 2-4 spam calls per day + 1-2 SMS per month. This has increased by about 50% since joining Cricket and is unacceptable.


I would like an optional feature added similar to Google Voice which requires caller to press 1 to get through. This would block 90% of the automated and good portion of the live spam calls. (like Google voice)  Other MNO/MVNO’s are starting to add this. How tough can it be?



1 reply

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Thanks for the feedback @goldbondx !


We are always looking to improve, so we truly appreciate your suggestion. For SMS spam, we would suggest to report the spam message so that the source of the spam can be investigated. You can visit the link provided, to fill out a brief report, and our spam response provider will take appropriate action. Rest assured that Call Defense will be improve over time, so that you can have more control over your wireless experience.

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