Good reps at Cricket , are RARE and they should be rewarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 29 August 2020
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Good reps at cricket are hard to find. Here is my 2 day experience (Wasted time about 6 hours total, 4-6 terrible service people, and 2 GREAT service people. 

1. Website features are terrible, so self service is virtually impossible (you need a new program team, as others are complaining as well). 

2. I call cricket customer care, and get put on hold for 20 minutes, I get a person with a strong accent, making it impossible to communicate. She transfers me and the call drops. 

3. After two more failed attempts , I get a service rep that tells me I have to go to the store where I purchased the phone to get help. 

4. I drive all the way down to the store, and the store rep tells me he can not help I have to go back home and call cricket . 

5. I call cricket customer care .. I again get connected. Woman named Alexandria answer the phone and claims she can not hear me?? I try and speak for 5 minutes.. and she then says  - I am hanging up the phone due to inability to hear you. 

6. I call again, wait and get connected , after having to repeat the same information for the 5th time, he connects me to warranty. 

7. Warranty sends me back to CRICKET CUSTOMER CARE , WHO PUTS ME on hold for 30 minutes

8. I call again - and am now on cricket phone hold for exactly 1 hour. At same time , I log in and talk to a person on chat. 

9. Person on chat (Harry) is the only person who is finally able to assist. He directs me to warranty , and website fails. HE UNDERSTAND ISSUE , AND FINDS SOLUTION IMMEDIATELY. I proceed with warranty and hit another technical error (HE UNDERSTANDS ISSUE) AND tells me to call cricket customer care (OMG NOT AGAIN). He then understands my frustration and gives me the information as to what extension and number to directly contact a person who can help. 

10. Rebecca answers phone , and completes the task . 

HARRY DID THE WORK OF 4 OR MORE PEOPLE at cricket. One person who cares is worth a team of people who can not communicate and do not care. 

Thank you harry,  

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