HBO Max Access Denied

  • 10 September 2021
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I received a text that my account is eligible for HBO Max free, so I clicked the link and installed HBO Max from the play store.  I followed directions, clicked on the person icon, then clicked on Sign Into Account, then clicked on sign in with a provider, then I selected Cricket Wireless and then I get this error:  Access Denied. You don't have access to on this server.  Reference #18.15aa2c17.1631305538.1896458b

I have Samsung phone.   Any ideas why I can't sign in like it says to?

4 replies

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Hello @tashahovis! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We can look further into this and work to get this resolved. For further assistance, be sure to reach out to our Cricket Wireless Support team via Facebook or Twitter. We would like to review your account and go over some troubleshooting steps with you :thumbsup:


I have the same problem. I can be reached at for assistance with this issue. I’m very frustrated by it at this point.


This is still an ongoing problem. It’s been months and months of paying for HBOMax while Cricket informs me every single time I visit the app or website that I’m eligible for free HBOMax. Same issue as the others above. Follow all instructions perfectly, get to the same page, “unauthorized access”. I don’t know what we’re expected to do. Why doesn’t someone fix their problem with their website and company? Instead of expecting us to do it, here. I can’t see how peer advice or encouragement can be more effective than professional repairs. Just saying. 

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Call HBO, Ask for Max.