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  • 23 July 2020
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I got a 973f s10. Either way. I can put my sim in my style 5 provision my wifi calling and my hd calling but crickets system does something a few hours later after I swap my sim back to my s10. But in the mean time my wifi calling and hd calling work awesome till the system reprovision happens.
So is cricket telling me my s10 is not hd compatible and my phone wont work when they shut down the 3g network. Well cricket dont you think you should figure out how to properly provision byop since I can make it work I'm sure you can. I did on my s9 by sim swap method. Provision swap back enable. And call cricket and lie and say the system showed I was on my s9 but like and tell them I'm actually on my style 5. And give them the imei. HD and wifi calling worked awesome for over a year.

3 replies

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Thank you for commenting on our Community Forum! We appreciate your honest feedback! However, phones from other carriers that are able to be used on our network may not be compatible with our Mobile Hotspot. Mobile Hotspot works best on eligible devices. We recommend considering an Cricket device for beat results.:smileyvery-happy:

I didn't even mention hotspot😂😂😂
Shows how much the mods read too lol.