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I am paying for a certain amount of data each month. Why can't I use that data how i want to use it. Why must I have to have an unlimited plan to teather a device to my phone? It makes no sense. Other carriers i have had allowed me to teather my phone to other devices with no problem.


I would like to make a suggestion that mobile hotspot should be a feature on all data plans.

Please allow us to use our data how we see fit.

Thank you.

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Hi Marv, we appreciate your feedback. We are always looking for ways to make our customer's smile. We have increased the Mobile Hotspot Data Allotment from 8GB to 10GB a month.

Most other carriers include 10+ gb hotspot in the unlimited plan. Im really disappointed in how cricket compares to other carriers. Ive been with Cricket for 3 years and watching colleagues on other networks getting increasingly better services and perks but cricket can’t even include hotspot
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Did you ever get your problem fixed?