hotel wifi is not private

What can I do to make my hotel room wifi private? I understand that the hotel wifi isn't safe to use for browsing on my phone or laptop. 


Best answer by cdexter 24 May 2022, 19:47

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I would use a VPN (which encrypts your internet traffic) if I needed to use a hotel Wi-Fi, but I still would not consider it be 100% private. 


Well, as was mentioned above by cdexter, using reliable Vpn services while surfing the internet can be the key in this kind of situation, but anyway, if you are aware that someone from the police will try to track your internet traffic, I would suggest using a dedicated VPN server or at least use the proxies above of your VPN. Usually, I use a facebook proxy that works when I'm in a hotel because I don't want to waste my money to subscribe to some VPN provider since normally I have been visiting hotels twice for a year.